"Begin your journey to freedom from gambling"

Help For Gambling Addiction

The Hawke’s Bay Gambling Service was set up to provide people with help for gambling addiction. You’re not alone. Many people experience gambling harm and we offer the supports overcome and recover.


We offer people in the Hawke’s Bay region FREE counselling, providing an ear to listen and guidance towards recovery and growth. We offer counselling at our office, at your home, online, or wherever you feel safe.

Cultural Support

We understand that Hawke’s Bay is a community with a diverse cultural mix, so its important we have diverse approaches to support different individuals.

Family And Whanau Support

Hawke’s Bay Gambling Service also provides free advice, support and counselling to anyone in the community who may be worried about someone else’s gambling. It could be your partner, children, an employee, or close friend.

Health Promotion

Hawke’s Bay Gambling Services has a dedicated health promotion team which work in the community to raise awareness of gambling harm.

Ban yourself


TRO can assist you with this process which can place a ban on you gambling at specific venues for a set period of time.


There are a number of blocking options available via your MyLotto account.


Gamban blocks all gambling apps and websites worldwide, including niche ones like cryptocurrencies and e-sports betting.

If you would like information and advice please contact us at Hawke’s Bay Gambling Services and one of our Counsellors will call you to make a time for you to come into one of our offices.